How Much Does Your Firm Charge?

Our fees are set by federal law and paid by the Social Security Administration out of any award of back benefits.

The fee is 25% of the back benefits up to a maximum of $6000, whichever is less. Additionally, it is a contingent fee, which means unless we obtain a favorable outcome, you do not owe us a fee.

It will be necessary to incur certain costs to prepare and present your case. We will advance these costs, but it is your responsibility to repay the amount advanced regardless of the outcome of your case. This is required by Washington State Court Rules: Rules of Professional Conduct. These costs include charges for medical records, medical evaluations and declarations obtained for your case. We do not charge clients for services performed in-house such as photocopying. Costs are not deducted from the client’s award and are not considered in calculating the fee. We understand that some of our clients have very little income and are not able to repay their costs. In that situation, we will not send your account to collections.


At the hearing, Brandie testified that she was in special education and was unable to get past the 8th grade in school. She testified that she had never been able to work because of her severe mental health impairments