Our mission, first and foremost, is to act as an effective and committed advocate for our clients. We know that each client’s situation is unique and handle every case with sensitivity and responsiveness.

We also understand that the process of seeking benefits can be intimidating, so our entire staff is committed to guiding clients through every step, no matter how simple or complex, with efficiency and compassion.

In every case, our goal is to help the client obtain the benefits he or she deserves.

How We Can Help You

From the earliest stages of our clients’ cases, we identify and clarify the issues to the Social Security Administration (SSA). We review and help complete forms that are sent to our clients by the Adjudicator in connection with both applications and appeals. This is important because these forms are often used to discredit claimant’s statements and testimony. The right answers and responses early in the process can help to avoid later problems, as well as directing SSA to the proper issues in a claimant’s case.

The attorneys at Chihak + Chihak will review your case to determine what additional evidence is needed. This involves obtaining the medical opinions and relevant records from your doctors as they relate to specific points crucial to establishing your disability. We will monitor the progress of your case while it is pending before SSA. We attempt to keep your case on track and moving toward a favorable decision by maintaining constant contact with the SSA.

At all levels of your case, we will present written arguments supporting your claim. We will prepare you and tell you want to expect at your hearing. We will also discuss the claims process with you and explain what the Judge assigned to your case will be looking for.

As attorneys who have successfully represented individuals in over 10,000 hearings, we are well equipped to deal with the often harmful testimony of SSA’s medical and vocational witnesses.

Chihak + Chihak has helped thousands of people obtain benefits. We want to help you, too.

The Disability Process

At Chihak + Chihak, we try to give hope to clients who are in pain and in financial need. We help people who cannot work due to illness or disabilities get the Social Security benefits they need and deserve.

Because we practice only in the area of Social Security, we understand the complex claims process. We know how to guide claims through the system. We know how to overcome the rejection of an initial claim and work at all levels of the appeal process.

Social Security Disability

Our firm has helped thousands of people obtain Social Security benefits.

We will prepare and file a Social Security Disability claim and support it with the necessary medical and vocational information.

You worked hard all your life, asking for nothing. You paid into the system out of each and very paycheck. You deserve the benefits that can enable you to live a decent life now.

Supplemental Security Income

Chihak + Chihak also helps people with limited work histories to qualify for Supplemental Security Income benefits and Medicaid.

These benefits may also be available for children in some cases.

We can explain the claims and appeal process and discuss whether your condition or illness can qualify you for benefits.

Call us toll free at (888) 723-4141 to schedule a free consultation.

Chihak + Chihak will be your advocate throughout the entire process, from the initial application to the final approval of your claim.