Meet John & Robyn Chihak.

Our guiding principle is treating others as we'd want to be treated, understanding that any one of us could be seeking assistance. We're honored to use our skills to support those in need — it's more than a job, it's our calling.

Robyn A. Chihak and John J. Chihak, dedicated Social Security Disability attorneys.
Your local attorneys: Robyn A. Chihak and John J. Chihak.

Robyn A. Chihak and John J. Chihak are dedicated Social Security Disability attorneys with deep roots in advocacy, driven by personal experiences and a passion to champion those seeking their well-deserved disability benefits.

John J. Chihak, Disability Attorney
Attorney John J. Chihak

Portrait of John J. Chihak, a dedicated Social Security Disability attorney.

John J. Chihak


Raised in a working-class family, John Chihak deeply resonates with his clients’ struggles. He was instrumental in the pivotal Gisbrecht v. Barnhart case, and he’s been a relentless champion for the rights of those suffering from disabilities.

Beyond the courtroom, John’s commitment shines through his active contributions to nonprofits and his reputation as a leading voice on disability benefits and rights.

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Robyn A. Chihak


Growing up in Oakland’s inner city, Robyn Chihak was deeply influenced by her parents’ dedication to aiding the underprivileged. Self-financing her education, she championed workers’ rights, aiding hotel staff in union formation.

A distinguished alumna of UC San Diego and Seattle University Law, Robyn has robustly represented clients in public benefits, imparted legal training, and held leadership roles on esteemed law boards.

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Robyn A. Chihak, Disability Attorney
Attorney Robyn A. Chihak

Portrait of Robyn A. Chihak, a dedicated Social Security Disability attorney.

Meet the Chihak Family

John and Robyn have four children, all of whom attend public schools.

The Chihak family: John, Robyn, and their four children
John and Robyn Chihak with their four children, all attending public schools

Portrait of the Chihak family: John, Robyn, and their four children in an outdoor setting

Social Security Disability is all we do.

Your case comes first. Unlike other law firms who dabble in Social Security Disability, we do not practice personal injury, worker’s compensation or any other area of law.

With Chihak + Chihak, you never have to worry about a big car accident lawsuit or workplace injury case taking our attention away from you and your disability claim.

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"After being denied 4 times, Chihak was able to help me get my 5th claim approved."

Buzz T. | Seattle

"If you want a lawyer who is kind, and gets the job done, call him. Chihak is one-of-a-kind."

Stephen W. | Seattle

"Chihak represented me with a super complicated case, and we won. I can’t thank John enough."

L. Bell | Seattle

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