Robyn was born in Oakland, CA and spent her formative years living in the inner city. Her father was a construction worker for Habitat for Humanity and her mother counseled homeless veterans. Oakland of the 1980s was plagued by poverty and drug addiction – and very few resources for those hurting the most. Robyn grew up watching her parents dedicate themselves to eliminating the suffering of the disadvantaged.

She put herself through college and law school, often working two jobs to make ends meet. One of those jobs was at a large hotel, where many workers were underpaid and overworked. Robyn helped her fellow employees successfully organize to form a union, in spite of the hotel’s efforts to keep the union out and wages low. Robyn began law school shortly after and has since followed in her parents’ footsteps, dedicating her legal career to helping those in need to live a better life.

Robyn obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from the University of California – San Diego with a major in Art History/Criticism. She earned her law degree from Seattle University School of Law.

Robyn began her career in public benefits at the Unemployment Law Project where she represented hundreds of clients seeking unemployment benefits at administrative hearings, Commissioner appeals, and Superior Court appeals. She also provided extensive training to law students, lawyers, and union representatives on unemployment issues.
She has served as an executive officer on the Board of Directors of the Seattle Community Law Center and the Unemployment Law Project.

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  • "John is the best in every way. I couldn't have won my case without him! I will always be thankful."

    Aden F.

  • "I wasn't afraid to reach out to ask questions- they work for you and want you to be informed."

    Victor V.

  • "I am on my way to having a chance to a small new life. I owe so much of this to John Chihak."

    Rob B.

  • "I Whole-Heartedly Recommend Chihak + Chihak. They have been amazingly supportive."

    Shari D.

  • "After being denied 4 times, Chihak was able to help me get my 5th claim approved."

    Buzz T.

  • "They were very professional and easy to talk to. It was easy to get understanding and answers."

    Rob D.

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