Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple mclerosis, severe back pain and other hard to measure symptoms may qualify the sufferer for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

Convincing a skeptical SSA doctor or administrative law judge that these conditions prevent you from working can be difficult.

Chihak + Chihak is a law firm that helps people obtain SSD and SSI benefits. We have helped many clients obtain benefits in cases involving back pain, chronic fatigue, and other hard to measure symptoms.

In taking your case, our goal will be to help you obtain the disability benefits you deserve.

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Each Person Experiences Pain Differently

Your pain is something that only you can feel. How do you make SSA or an administrative law judge understand what you are experiencing?

At Chihak + Chihak, we use a variety of techniques to build strong and persuasive cases for our clients. We begin by obtaining key information and opinions from a claimant’s own treating sources. In addition, our firm has a network of doctors and medical specialists who can diagnose your condition and provide comprehensive opinions regarding a person’s inability to work. They will document the disabling symptoms and conditions using SSA’s own language, techniques, and forms.

We can also take evidence from family members, friends, co-workers, and others who can attest to the effects your condition has on your life and ability to work. Though they cannot feel what you feel, they can accurately describe their personal observations of your symptoms and limitations in a way that few others can.

Obtaining the Disability Benefits You Deserve

Chihak + Chihak will systematically develop the information needed for your disability claim. We will press it forward through the system and work tirelessly to achieve your goal.

Relief from your physical and mental symptoms may be hard to come by. But you can get the SSD or SSI benefits you need.


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  • "John is the best in every way. I couldn't have won my case without him! I will always be thankful."

    Aden F.

  • "I wasn't afraid to reach out to ask questions- they work for you and want you to be informed."

    Victor V.

  • "I am on my way to having a chance to a small new life. I owe so much of this to John Chihak."

    Rob B.

  • "I Whole-Heartedly Recommend Chihak + Chihak. They have been amazingly supportive."

    Shari D.

  • "After being denied 4 times, Chihak was able to help me get my 5th claim approved."

    Buzz T.

  • "They were very professional and easy to talk to. It was easy to get understanding and answers."

    Rob D.

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