Many people try to navigate the disability benefits system themselves. This is a serious risk.

The Social Security Administration is one of the largest bureaucracies in the world. It is understaffed and underfunded. SSA simply does not have the resources to adequately develop a claim and give it the thoughtful attention it deserves. As a result, 2 out of 3 people without an attorney are denied their benefits.

To maximize the chances of success, you should work with an experienced lawyer at the start of the Social Security application process.

Chihak + Chihak has helped thousands of people obtain Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. We work with people at all stages of process — from the initial Social Security application to final approval.

In working for you, our goal will be to help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

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Why Work with a Social Security Attorney?

There are many advantages to working with an attorney at the start of the Social Security application process:

The wrong information on your application can lead to a claim denial — The Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews claims very carefully. The wrong statement on a Social Security application can lead to a denial of your claim and make it more difficult to appeal.

Chihak + Chihak can help you avoid potential problems up front. We will use our experience and knowledge to present the right information on your claim.

We can get the right evidence from your doctor — SSA has its own doctors to provide medical evaluations. The wrong doctor can return an evaluation that will hurt your case. If that happens, an effective response from your treating doctor is essential.

Chihak + Chihak will work with your care provider in order to obtain a second opinion. These findings can strengthen your claim by providing a medical evaluation that accurately and thoroughly establishes your symptoms and limitations.

We work directly with adjudicators and Social Security personnel — Chihak + Chihak is well known at every Social Security office throughout Washington. We are familiar with the people involved in the process as well as the claims process itself.

The sooner your claim is approved, the sooner you can get on with your life — a delay in the approval of claim or an initial claim rejection means that you will not receive the benefits you need. As experienced SSD and SSI lawyers, Chihak + Chihak can sometimes cut weeks or months from the approval process, and get your benefits coming as quickly as possible.

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  • "Thank goodness I called Chihak & Chihak before it was too late! It was far and beyond what I expected."

    Michael L.

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    Jill S.

  • "I am so grateful that John represented me. He challenged the judge, and came out on top. "

    Balenda B.

  • "John was able to work with SSI and get me a favorable decision, after many tries on my own. "

    Laurie R.

  • "John is the best in every way. I couldn't have won my case without him! I will always be thankful."

    Aden F.

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    Victor V.

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