I can’t say enough GOOD things about Chihak + Chihak! I had to apply a few times for disability and they were there by my side every step of the way! It took many months of patience…but they were always there to update me and give me detailed information on where I was with my case. Cheryl answered every email in a timely manner and made me feel important each time. John was so easy to work with and fought for me and helped me win my case and made it clear that I deserved it 110%! He was so well prepared and I could tell he truly cared about me as an individual…not just another case. John followed up with me many times after my hearing and answered all of my questions and explained what would happen next…etc. One of the best parts was after being placed on Medicare (after being awarded disability) was working with Dan from their office. He called me right away and was an amazing advocate and researched the BEST Medicare plan that met my specific needs and was there walking me through every step (as Medicare is quite confusing). I would HIGHLY recommend Chihak + Chihak to anybody needing a great disability attourney…they are the best…the whole team!