Rob B.

Hi I just wanted to share about my experience with the Chihak law firm. In particular about John. I was going through a life changing medical experience where I had to spend 6 months in the hospitals fighting a life threatening bone infection in my fake hip replacement. To make matters worse it was the winter of 2021 and the Covid virus was in full effect. I ended up having to have my hip fully removed which left me with 6x4x4 inch hole in my hip.this would lead me to a Adult family home where I am on the long road to recovery, but I will never be the same again not to mention I will more then likely spend the rest of my life with a major disability to my hip and leg. At the end of my rope, and not sure where I would even go if I did make it out of this critical condition. I knew I would need help including SSI disability, housing and other resources. John spoke to me several times free of charge and helped me navigate my complicated situation especially, going through the disability process which I knew nothing about. I am on my way to possibly having a chance to a small new life. I owe so much of this to John and his team because he was there for me when no one else was.