Jeffrey’s journey to get disability benefits was a tough one. In 2016, he found himself battling severe pancreatitis and crippling migraine headaches.

The Fight for SSDI

He had tried getting SSDI benefits before. He first applied on June 29, 2014, but was denied that September. They turned him down again in December.

Court Day

Not one to give up, Jeffrey had his day in court on November 2, 2015, in Seattle, Washington. With lawyer John Chihak by his side, he faced an Administrative Law Judge. There were other experts there too. One was a medical expert who spoke about Jeffrey’s health. Another was a vocational expert, but they didn’t say anything.

Jeffrey’s Testimony

Jeffrey shared his story. He used to be an administrative assistant. He loved his job, but the pancreatitis and migraines made it too hard to keep going. He tried to stick with it, but in 2013, the pain became too much, and he had to quit.

Support from a Medical Expert

A medical expert backed up Jeffrey’s story. He pointed to medical records from three different hospitals that showed Jeffrey’s ongoing health struggles since 2013. This expert believed that with Jeffrey’s health issues, holding down a regular job just wasn’t possible.

The Verdict

Hearing all this, the judge made a decision. There wasn’t a job out there that Jeffrey could do given his condition. So, with the support of the medical evidence and the testimony, Jeffrey’s claim for disability benefits was finally approved.

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