The Challenge

Lisa was grappling with severe health issues, including degenerative disc disease and fibromyalgia, which left her in chronic pain and fatigue. Her initial applications for SSI and SSDI were denied.

Legal Steps

Lisa turned to attorney John J. Chihak for help. They promptly requested a hearing, setting the stage for a legal battle in Seattle.

Work History

Before her health deteriorated, Lisa had a diverse work background, including roles in construction and home restoration. A 2012 work accident worsened her condition, causing herniated discs.

Medical Proof

Chihak + Chihak collected robust medical evidence from Skagit Regional Clinic, Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington Physical Therapy, Premier Orthopedic Group, and Seattle Pain Clinic. Each provider’s records reinforced Lisa’s claims of debilitating physical and mental impairments.


At the hearing, Lisa and her friend both testified about her daily struggles, adding a personal touch to the medical evidence.


A vocational expert confirmed that Lisa couldn’t hold down a job due to her conditions. Her disability claim was finally approved, offering her much-needed relief.

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