When I initially became disabled I was represented by a firm associated with my employers long term disability insurance company. I was with them for as long as my LTD lasted, which was only 3 months (that’s par for the course with LTD). They scrubbed every medical report for “a good day” and said I’d be fine in a few months. Four weeks later the law firm dropped me sighting “not enough evidence.” I was devastated. I called other attorneys, and shared my story only to have them turn me away for the same reason. I gave up on my case for over a year, until one day I received a call from the social security disability department letting me know they were starting to look into my case. I was scared to death because I didn’t have an attorney, and I knew I couldn’t represent myself. I went straight to Google and searched for “disability lawyers in Seattle,” and Chihak + Chihak was the first one I called. I spoke with John Chihak himself. He listened, he was compassionate, and he was confident we could win this case. From the moment we hung up the phone I was sure we would win. What a relief. A weight was lifted off my shoulders. He was sure we could win, and we did!

John and his team were always available by phone, or by email to answer my questions. Always kind and curtious. They saw me through two hearings that ultimately ended with a win. I’m forever grateful. I just wish I had found him sooner!

I would recommend Chihak + Chihak every day of the week to help you win your disability case!

Thank you for everything, John, and staff!