Here’s a general breakdown of why it matters having an attorney represent your case to an ALJ. (Administrative Law Judge)

First and foremost, Chihak + Chihak has an incredible 20 plus years in this arena. To put it bluntly they’re not pushovers. They are more than qualified to source and select key features of your case thereby building a clear and concise path to awarding you a favorable decision.

Secondly and just as important is communication with the individual. I’ll always stress this in any situation; communication is the key factor for success when two or more moving parts are required. The language in this area sounds like english, works like a short order cook but hits like a mac truck. There is no way to make it more clear, you need someone who wants the same thing as you do. These attorneys do just that.

In closing I was lucky to have an interpreter knowledgeable and resourceful at my side during the trial.

Thanks Chihak.